I’m going to tell you how my girlfriend gets pregnant!


I am going to tell you the time when I got pregnant with my girlfriend, deceiving her that we were fucking condoms.

In those times, I was a military man, and I was subjected to stress because the day was approaching when I was going to war and when I told my girlfriend that I was going on a military excursion, she did not take it well.

After she talked on the phone with her mother to please us, we started to fuck and just when I was going to penetrate her, she asked me to use a condom, but I did not care and deceived her saying that she had a condom.

When I was penetrating her she realized and claimed me, and when I asked her if she wanted to stop she told me to continue fucking her, but not to ejaculate inside her vagina.

However, I do not care and ejaculate inside her

Today we are immortalizing with a beautiful photo session the birth of our baby, although she is not happy with the pregnancy, I can assure you that this deception was worth it!

Actors: Ashly Anderson